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Just like taking your newborn home for the first time, your indoor plant doesn’t often come with a manual. And they DO need looking after! (thankfully, not numerous times during the night). The gorgeous Justine from the ever-fabulous East End Flower Market has given us all some tips on how to care for our precious foliage friends…











How to care for your Indoor Plants

Where to Grow
• Most houseplants will thrive in a well-lit, draught-free spot with an even temperature and reasonably high humidity.
• However some plants have specific needs. For instance, flowering plants and those with variegated foliage need more light than plants with plain green foliage, while ferns like a darker position.
• Cacti, succulents and carnivorous plants like a bright windowsill, but avoid putting on a sun facing sill in summer, where they could scorch. Orchids prefer bright, indirect light and if possible, lots of fresh air and high humidity.












• Overwatering kills most houseplant so aim to keep the compost moist but wait until it has almost dried out before re-watering. You can check by pushing your finger into the compost.
• Water from above and put saucers under plants to allow excess water to drain away.
• Generally plants will need watering more during the spring and summer growing seasons, than when dormant in winter.
• Water less in winter than in summer when actively growing.

If you would like to add some grennery to your indoors (or a bunch of fabuous florals), you  must visit East End Flower Market

A: 248 Grenfell Street ADELAIDE
P: (08) 8223 1280

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